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Duct Repair & Replacement

Like every other part of your home, your ducts eventually wear out. Small tears or punctures in the duct repair work or cracks where the ducts have pulled away from the air handler or from each other at the seams can not only reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating systems, but also open the door to dust, dirt, and vermin to enter and contaminate the air stream.

When this happens, it’s not enough to simply clean the symptoms of the problem – you need someone who can address the problem itself. That’s why, at Universal Duct Cleaning, we’re proud to not only offer cleaning and sanitation services, but duct repair and replacement as well. We’re truly interested in the well-being of you and your family and do our best to make your cleaning last as long as possible. Whether your duct work is simply old or has been contaminated by flood waters or open sewage and cannot be sanitized due to its composition, we can offer everything up to the complete replacement of your entire duct system.

What Are Some Symptoms Of Leaking Ducts?

A constant stream of dirty or dusty air can be indicative of a major problem somewhere in your duct work. But this is not the only sign. If you’re experiencing any of the following, your duct work may be to blame:

Poor temperature or humidity control

If some rooms in your home are always too hot or too cold, regardless of the temperature in the rest of the house, your air ducts may have a leak, causing warm or cold air to flow into the system from the outside. This is also true if a section of your home always seems stuffy or humid for no other identifiable reasons.

Loud noises

It should not sound like a thunderstorm each time you turn on your air conditioning. If your HVAC system is always loud, it may mean parts of it are loose and in need of repair.

Strange odors

Under certain conditions, mold can start to grow inside your vents. If your air always smells foul or musty, you may need them replaced, especially if your ducts are made of fiberglass or if the mold has gotten into the insulation.

Visual cracks or tears

If the ducts are pulling away from the wall or the air handler or there are visible punctures where your duct work is exposed, this is indisputable evidence that it’s time for a repair.

Soaring energy bills

If your energy bills have gone up significantly for no apparent reason, your ducts may be to blame. When there are leaks or tears in your duct work, outside air mitigates the effects of your furnace or air conditioner, causing your system to have to work longer and harder to achieve the temperature you desire.

If you suspect your duct work needs repaired or replaced, Universal Duct Cleaning offers the best services for you! Not only are all our technicians rigorously trained professionals, but they’re also local and have a stake in serving their friends and neighbors. Call us today to schedule an inspection and estimate at

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