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Duct Cleaning Hampton :- Hampton, VA boasts a long and proud history of which we at Universal Duct Cleaning are proud to be a part. Named after Captain Christopher Newport, who piloted the ship that brought the Jamestown settlers in 1607. This area was the upper limit of the Virginia Colony, marked out by Old Point Comfort. Which still exists today as the site of the historic Fort Monroe and Old Point Comfort Light.

We don’t love is old dust and dirt! That’s why we provide duct cleaning, duct sanitation, duct repair and replacement, and dryer vent cleaning services in Hampton. Also including our friends in Aberdeen Gardens, Buckroe Beach, Farmington, Fox Hill, Hampton Woods, Northampton, Newmarket, Phoebus, Victoria Boulevard Historic District, and Wythe.

Whether you’re experiencing unexplained allergies or cold-like symptoms from dirty or dusty air emitting from your vents, see or suspect mold in your ducts etc. we’re here to help. We use high-powered rotary brushes to dislodge even the oldest and toughest deposits of dust, dirt, grime, or mold. Our negative-pressure air stream systems keep it from escaping into your home and we finish up with HEPA vacuums. Which use the same 99% filtration system used in hospitals to prevent cross-contamination of diseases.

Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is positive proof that we’re among the elite duct cleaning services in Hampton Roads. Unlike many shammers that offer low-priced deals that are too good to be true. If you’re not completely satisfied, we come back to any home in Hampton to personally correct the mistake. But we’re confident this will be a rare occurrence, as it has been in our past.

Duct Cleaning Hampton VA

We also offer all Hampton residents dryer vent cleaning services. Which the National Fire Prevention Association recommends annually to guard against dryer fires, which cause hundreds of injuries and hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage annually.


We’d also like to extend our deepest appreciation to the many members of the military who are stationed in Hampton by offering a military discount on all our services. This includes all active-duty military and especially those serving at Langley Air Fore Base here in town. Thank you for your service!

Duct Cleaning Hampton: For more information about any of our services or to schedule an estimate, give us a call at (757) 962-0419. You can also click here to schedule an estimate online.

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